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Skin Rejuvination with Juliet

Dr Upton is proud to offer vaginal and vulvar rejuvenation. Juliet is an innovative treatment that allows women to treat the problematic symptoms often associated with childbirth and gynecological aging. Juliet is completed in-office and takes approximately thirty minutes. It is essentially painless with a low risk of side effects. The rejuvenation is done without incisions or sutures and does not require anesthesia.

The Juliet laser uses light energy to address common issues like dryness, painful intercourse, incontinence and vaginal and vulvar laxity.

What to expect

Patients will receive two to three Juliet treatments. Treatments are mildly uncomfortable and there is very little downtime. Treatments are spaced at least four weeks apart.

  • Safe, quick, and easy in-office procedure
  • The Juliet procedure is non-surgical
  • Mild to no discomfort
  • The procedure takes approximately thirty minutes

Return to your active lifestyle with the Juliet laser

Juliet is a fast, painless, and discreet laser procedure that uses erbium laser energy to ablate and gently heat skin. The outpatient procedure can be performed in the office, with no incisions, sutures, or downtime. This breakthrough procedure helps you to:

  • Enhance vitality
  • Restore confidence
  • Return to your active lifestyle